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STL Cardinals NL Ring
09 Apr

STL Cardinals NL Ring

Talk about a project to get psyched over! Today the STL Cardinals posted the 2014 Behind the Scenes of the National League Ring video. The entire video was shot here at Studio-C and outlines the journey of the NL ring from it’s glamorous photoshoot to a showcase story in the Cardinals Magazine. It’s a great look at the creative process that goes into creating publications and highlights a proud Cardinals moment.


26 Mar

A Summer Full of Scrubs

We may have just gotten hit with a snow storm here in the midwest but in retail season, it is pure summer! The newest video for Scrubs & Beyond’s summer line is a fun and energetic 3 column view of their newest prints and colors showcased in the always upbeat and fresh S&B style.

You can also see the new Summer 2013 catalog on their website here.