04 Apr

Colortek Virtual Proofing with Kodak

One of the key things we strive for in our business is to constantly push ourselves on how we can more effectively and efficently serve our clients and assit them in becoming more successful in their business. In doing this, it is imparative that we keep on top of up and coming trends within many business avenues, especially technology. A key component in our technological arsenal is our Matchprint Virtual Proofing Software that we've worked with Kodak to develop. Published in Printing Impressions, the article "Kodak's Matchprint Virtual Proofing Helps Colortek Strengthen Customer Relationships" touches on some of the key points of the Matchprint system and our success in implamenting this serivce with our clients:

"With Matchprint Virtual Proofing Software, Colortek continues its push toward a paperless workflow, which has reduced production labor and expense while maintaining the superior quality that is Colortek’s trademark. 

“We have lowered our consumable expenses by greater than 20 percent and have saved equally in time spent on production,” said Rich Reichert, President, Colortek, located in St. Louis. “Even more impressive, though, is that we have improved accuracy and maintained consistency from proof to proof and day to day.” 

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