PRE-MEDIADigital Asset Management

Revolutionize the way
you access, manage, and
edit your data with CODA

“Open 24 hours” is our motto when it comes to providing access to all of your files. Through CODA (Colortek Online Database Access), our secure browser-based digital asset management system, we provide you with a collaborative workflow solution to manage your rich-media files and give you complete control over who can view, upload, download, or otherwise access your data.

Utilizing this simple and unique technology also allows you to transfer your files from any location, download high or low-resolution images for easy FPO’s, as well as upload directly to our server. This digital asset management system provides a secure central repository as a distribution center for your projects. We’ll streamline your operation and help your workflow actually flow.

CODA Features

Customized Interface

Access all of your files in an organized, clean, and branded environment

24/7 Access

Login from any where, at any time. Mobile friendly


Search within file names as well as metadata

Unlimited Users

Unlimited logins to support your entire team


Download high or low-res image files, individual or bulk download options

Email Links

Email file download links to third-parties quickly and easily


Upload your data with a simple drag and drop app

Custom Image Order

Download an image for edit and easily convert formats while leaving the original untouched

Linked Files Viewer

Quickly track all files using the same asset