Virtual Proofing

Our CPROOF virtual proofing system saves thousands of dollars a year in proofing costs as well as valuable time during hectic production schedules. CPROOF allows users to remotely review high-resolution proofs using standard web browsers or Apple iPad tablets. Multiple stakeholders can place annotations, collaborate and chat online simultaneously. The side-by-side comparison feature allows you to review your project throughout its various transformations as well as ensure that your markups have been expertly executed. The project management features provide your team with a secure collaborative workflow for tracking and approving proofs. CPROOF delivers accurate and consistent onscreen color using qualified LCD monitors and has been granted SWOP certification, an important industry validation for color-accurate soft proofing.

ORIS SWOP Certified Proofing System

ORIS Certified Proof is an effective and easy-to-use color quality control system. CMYK color bars for common industry standards can be easily measured and evaluated on any proof output. Using handheld spectral measuring devices, the software provides simple, trackable results for every proof you produce. From simple “pass-fail” reports to practical detailed analyses, we remove subjective guesswork from the process and provide a factual basis for color decisions.

  • Fast and accurate color verification
  • Quality control throughout the entire process
  • Reliable check for compliance with industry standards
  • Fast detection of color drifts
  • Detection of variations in ink or paper quality
  • Protection from misprints and customer complaints
Waste Reduction

Reduced press setup

Reduced pre-press time to prepare jobs for digital


FlexProof is EskoArtwork’s answer to the growing digital proofing requirements of the packaging industry. This proofing solution fits into every workflow as well as drives a wide variety of proofing units and brings the very best out of them. FlexProof provides calibration and centralized color management control, based on Esko’s highly acclaimed Kaleidoscope color technology.

Kaleidoscope is an integrated color system and a superior tool for absolute color accuracy. It maximizes color consistency, predictability, and repeatability in every stage of pre-production. Kaleidoscope excels in color management of special colors such as PANTONE and house/designer colors. Kaleidoscope’s color management combines CMYK (colorimetric) profiles with patented special color (spectral) profiles. It is also the ideal solution for extended color gamut printing and dramatically reduces cost in adopting digital printing.