PRINTPrint Management

Colortek’s team has the experience and technical skills to assist your marketing and graphic department in any color management setting.

We offer the creation of press profiling, setting print standards, finger printing the press. In addition to this, we also offer press side assistance in order to maintain consistent levels of quality and navigate the print process from printer selection, format options, and bid security.
We offer a proactive approach by providing meticulous documentation which supports the print environment. Moreover we compile all of the data with a technological analysis of the specific printer in comparison to the print industry standards.

Verification means the printer has worked and interacted with us in order to verify and ensure top quality printing in their environment. Verification is beneficial for all involved: it leads to color consistency when a product is printed in multiple regions as well as minimizes spoilage for the printer. Combined, this equals minimal compromises on press, as well as, less waste of time, materials, and money.

Accountability is the word used when describing how we work with printers. We gain and maintain customer relationships because we guarantee color predictability from photography to print.